Party in The Park

So many people seem to hit 50 and want the fact to be swept under a carpet whereas I thought it was just an excuse to get lots of friends together who had not seen each other for a long time. Some were in a state of shock. Words and phrases like 'surreal', 'never' and 'it isn't, is it?' were used. The evidence is below at a size to make it easy to load on your PC. If you want larger versions for under your pillow, your dartboard, bedside table, etc - just mail me. Sorry, if I didn't capture you on film but the time went in a flash - do send me any of your pictures to include here to get the full set - scary that this might be!

Steve with Chris and Alan from his first 'real' job in Stourport. Also in the picture are Alan's wife, Chris, and Chris' son, Tom   Blimey, could have been almost any party in Leeds around the late 70's with Steve, Liz, Cath and Geoff
  Dave Jones in a sweat as usual supported by Steve and Dave's good lady, Ann. Laura thought Jonesie had spilt something down his front - as if he'd waste good food! Steve with BOB (Bag of Bones) or Brian Rigby as most people know him.
  On the outside are the birthday boy and girl, Elaine. In the middle, Sue The Raffle Queen. Ah, yes. John 'Henry' Bisbrowne, 'Junior' Dr. Kershaw and 'Senior' Dr. Henderson - gentlemen who purvey a fine line in musical entrepreneurship
    Henry gets rather animated about how 'Live At Leeds' was recorded. Mark, bassist with a Who tribute band keeps focussed on the camera practicing for when he marries Wendy. He'll need the practice as I understand kilts can be a bit rough down below. Henry is at it, again. This time getting fatherly with Kyllie while the rest of the Green family sits and laughs. Such nice folks, too.
Kyllie finds a consoling shoulder to lean on. Henry is probabaly berating some other unsuspecting soul. Now in full-on fatherly mode, Steve keeps an eye on Laura while Shirley 'gets down' in the background.
    Ah, back in party mode with Laura and her friend, Sally. Sue The Raffle Queen grins mightily as if a Jacques Brel had just asked her to dance.
  Now, you wouldn't have expected the other Steve to get smoochy with wife Elaine despite her many charms - but, clearly, he's a bit of a smoothie. Here's the latest in a series of pictures showing Steve supported by Shirley after a night of fun.
  There were the days when to leave a party with half a can of Tetleys was an achievement but here next-door neighbour, Gary, bags a whole gateau.   Sue leaves with her gateau as Jacques Brel had already nipped off to the chippy.
This is just for those of you who thought that Steve was looking more like his dad or mum - here they are on the day after the party. Now, you can work it out yourself.   Also, the day after the party, here is Steve's Father-In-Law, Geoff. Included because he was still knocking back the wine and dreaming of Sunderland winning a trophy - hey, dream on!

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