The Extended Family of Mr Kite

Here at Mr Kite Benefits, we believe that music is a universal language. We gather around a stage in a room somewhere to hear some great music. There may be a few of us or a lot of us. Who cares? We take great pleasure from it. On top of this, we hope that the money made at the Benefit goes outside that room to help those in need. Generally, we support local charities or national charities with local branches. However, many of us have travelled and seen that there are circumstances outside our normal homes that need some help. Boy, that's an understatement!
So, we have built up an extended family of friends around the world that our Benefits will help to support. The particular people involved change from time to time as they move around, grow up or have less need in some other way. At the moment, we are helping to support
the Buryi family in Belarus where both the after effects of Chernobyl and current political upheaval are making life pretty difficult. We also support children across all the other continents of the world - well, give or take Australasia. In Africa, there is a young girl called Nzilani-nduku in Kenya where droughts and AIDS are still major problems. Also, we support a boy called Mai whose Senegalese home is famed for great music and football but life can still be very hard. In South America, there is Diego who lives in Ecuador where nature has provided a land of extremes for her to experience and we support Luis-Alberto in Colombia where human nature can provide some serious challenges for a young boy. Out in Asia, we support Hui, a young Chinese girl who will know that economic growth doesn't hide some tough living conditions for the locals. Finally, in Vietnam, we help to support a boy called Ho who lives in a country often remembered for the war of the 1960's and we hope that our little bit helps to make that a distant memory.

Please do peruse the pages of our Extended Family to find out more about our friends and where they live. The pages get updated on an irregular basis - so, apologies for any errors but we've used links that help you to find out what is currently happening in the different regions as much as possible.

The Buryi family in Belarus

Hui in China

Luis-Alberto in Colombia

Diego in Ecuador

Nzilani-nduku in Kenya

Mai in Senegal

Ho in Vietnam

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