Hui in China
Whilst the corporate world seems to view the opening up of China as just one big commercial feast, it is easy to forget that the large Chinese population has created enormous problems in terms of providing the basics of electricity, water, etc. Controlling the population by limiting the number of children allowed by a family has provided its own problems with daughters viewed as less of a prize than a son. This makes us especially pleased to be helping the young Chinese girl, Hui Liu. Though the history timeline can only briefly indicate the illustrious past of this large country, the BBC gives a rounded view of where China is today and UNICEF will present you with some facts and figures.

Hui was born in 2008 though is too young for school and remains at home with her peasant farmer parents, a brother and sister. The family home is made of brick with a shingle roof and concrete floor. Water is obtained all year round from a well with collection taking up to half an hour and coal is used for cooking.

Plan International has developed a large, global network of support for children. From this, they were able to introduce us to Luis-felipe. The organisation was started in 1937 by a couple of journalists shocked by the orphaned children in the aftermath of the Spanish Civil War. Today, the organisation operates at a number of levels in 45 developing countries. They get involved by working with governments, development partners and communities to help to improve specific facilities in deprived areas. They key point is that everyone can buy into the local projects to safeguard the future of the community and, in particular, the children. When a local family is involved in these projects, people like us get the opportunity to sponsor their children for the duration of the community project. These projects are based around five key elements that support the development of the children and, hence, the future of the community. These are health, education, livelihood, habitat and building relationships. Nobody can argue with that and Plan International does a wonderful job across many parts of the world. Pretty obviously, Mr Kite thinks that it would be great if you got involved, too. Read about sponsoring a child here.

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